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Novoset, LLC enters into collaboration with Lonza, JFC Technologies

August 11, 2011

Lonza, JFC Technologies and Novoset LLC announce a strategic collaboration to advance high performance materials offerings

Lonza, JFC Technologies and Novoset LLC announce today they have entered into a specialized production and marketing collaboration for Lonza’s High Performance Materials (HPM) business. The collaboration was formed to provide new and improved product solutions to high-tech markets such as aerospace and electronics. Under the agreement JFC Technologies will provide chemical modifications of Lonza‘s Primaset™ and Lonzacure™ product range as identified by Novoset to address market needs. Novoset LLC and Lonza will collaborate with industry innovators, end users, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to develop innovative system solutions using Lonza’s products.

"We are pleased to enter into this agreement with Novoset LLC and JFC Technologies to accelerate market penetration and growth for Lonza‘s HPM business,” said Ken McMahon, Senior Vice President and Head of Performance Intermediates for Lonza. “Together with Novoset’s market knowledge and JFC’s technical knowledge, we will boost our pipeline for innovative products and applications.”

Lonzacure™ are aromatic amines used as chain extender in polyurethanes, epoxy resins and polyurea coating. Primaset™ are cyanate esters used as matrix resins in composites materials.


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