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Our Products.

For technical data sheets and pricing information, please contact us.


We offer ready to use catalysts for Cyanate esters and CE / epoxy blends.

Material for 3D Printing

We offer dual cure 3D Printing materials designed and tailor made specific to customers. We also offer high temperature, ready to use materials for other 3D Printing users.

Aerospace & Space

Novoset Advanced Materials offer formulated RTM and liquid processes resins based on Hydrocarbon, Cyanate esters, Epoxy and BMI chemistries. Resin infusion offers low cost manufacturing flexibility over prepregs for composite fabrication. Resins are offer one or two parts components depending on customers tooling and process capability.

RTM & Liquid Process Resins


Low Dk/Df and high Tg materials for 5G applications.

Product data sheet is available upon request

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