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Your trusted partner through each phase of product development.

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Our Story

The Company was established in 2011 as a marketing company specializing in high Performance thermoset resins.  Our  Technology Center  was opened in 2012 transforming the company as a Tier 3 “ System solution “ house and product design and development company for high end electronic , aerospace , automotive and Oil & Gas. Today, Novoset is working closely  with various leading manufacturing partners and has developed materials for 5G technology for Internet of Thing (IOT) based M2M communications,  Artificial Intelligence (AI) ,disruptive manufacturing  such as 3D printing  materials and  light weight composite materials for aerospce and automotive applications.​

Company History

We are proud of our innovation and creativity










Novoset started as a marketing and business development company in Peapack, New Jersey to support and expand Lonza's Cyanate esters and other composite materials business (Joint press release).

Technology Center opened in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey (press release) for new product development in electronics, aerospace and other markets.

Major US patent allowed on hydrocarbon modified cyanate esters. Patent licensed to a large manufacturing company (press release). Products manufactured and commercialized.

Licensed resin infusion-based  Fire, Smoke and Toxicity (FST) composition material to a midsize German company for interior applications –products successfully manufactured for Airbus structural interiors parts.

First high temperature 3D Printing material patent awarded based on Cyanate esters and other high temperature resins. Product commercialized and is being marketed to leading 3D printing companies for various applications.

Ultra low Dk/Df  “Hydrocarbon based” composition patent allowed for various 5th Generation ( 5G ) applications. The product has comparable Dk / Df with Teflon®. Target market with 

various leading Printed Circuit Board applications, Base Station, and HDI / IC substrate for semiconductor packaging industries.

Licensed 5G resins technology to one of the world's largest specialty chemical companies.

Entered market development for aerospace and Oil & Gas applications with "modified Hydrocarbons". 

Licensed second generation 5G resin technology to a portfolio company of one of the leading private equity firms.

Some of our trusted licensing partners

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