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Aerospace & Space

Our primary target in these areas are aircraft interiors with emphasis on Fire, Smoke and Toxicity (FST) and ultra low heat release materials for commercial aircrafts.


We are systematically replacing environmentally problematic phenolic resins and brominated epoxy resins  from aircraft interiors fulfilling the latest fire worthiness  of the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) requirements.

Fully integrated in the entire value chain
as a Tier 3 material development company

We are developing resin infusion materials and working directly with part manufacturing companies to eliminate costly prepreg processes. 

We are also active with our customers to provide resin solutions for various secondary structures such as Radomes, satellite and antenna for commercial aircrafts where ultra-low dielectric, low moisture properties and high Tg are essential.

Various aerospace processes such as resin infusion, hot/melt prepreg, Filament Winding (FW) and other liquid processes can be adapted due to the low and stable viscosity of our hydrocarbon resin systems.

We have developed a catalyst technology for curing the resin at room temperature/low temperature. These resins can also be used for 3D printing technology.

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