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Dr. Sajal Das

Founder & CEO

Dr. Das is the founder of Novoset, LLC a high performance advanced material company. Prior to founding Novoset in 2011 Dr. Das worked at Lonza, a Switzerland-based specialty chemical and biopharmaceutical company under various capacities, and lately as global sales and marketing director and head of high performance materials business, North America. Novoset, LLC is focusing on ultra low Dk/Df materials for “Cloud computing” and next generation low heat materials for aircraft interiors to replace current environmentally problematic phenolic resins.

Dr. Das with his team developed and licensed 5G resin technology to one of the world's leading chemical companies.

Dr. Das started his career after his Post-Doctoral work at The University of Akron at Honeywell International ( formerly AlliedSignal ) and worked in business development and technical roles. During his technical work at Honeywell he invented a series of “multifunctional Cyanate Esters”, well- known today in the Industry as Primaset ™. This material has become a work-horse in various latest high-end IC substrates for the semiconductor industries including in iPhone and iPad, the most advanced mobility technology of the 21st century. Primaset resin has also been used in the cabin duct for the latest commercial Airbus and Boeing aircrafts and other advanced applications such as high speed trains, Formula 1 racing car, space and defense technology.

Dr. Das is internationally known for creating the market for the Cyanate Ester resins for various advanced applications. Sajal was also instrumental and played a leading role in the successful capital investment for Lonza’s first world-class multi-product Cyanate Ester plant in 1999. 

Dr. Das studied at The University of Akron and at the Wharton Business School and is the author of 35 patents and 35 publications. Sajal in his spare time is involved in promoting science education among the youth in America.


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