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New Products & Application Development

Applications and products which have been successfully developed  and under development are:


• IC and HDI substrates semiconductor package for iPhone and iPad
• Resin infusion formulation to meet airduct FST requirement to replace current prepreg technology 
• Space and satellite structures
• Formula 1 racing car components
• High-end router and server for telecommunication
• Composite structures using Resin Transfer Technology and Filament Winding

•5G substrates (mm Wave) for IOT and M2M applications ​

•3D materials for various high temperature and high strength applications 

•High temperature molding compounds for semiconductor packaging industries for electrical and hybrid cars

•Low Df Flame retardant Materials 

•Custom made resin infusion resins for commercial aircraft interior structures 

•Rapid cure Catalyst ( NovoCure 200 and NovoCure 275 ™)

•High strength PU and epoxy for liquid process applications

Technology Assistance

We provide technology assistance and formulation guidelines to our customers to accommodate their manufacturing process for parts fabrication and application qualifications. We work with our customers to provide formulation, cure assistance and catalyst package to adopt various advanced manufacturing process technologies such as:

  • Resin transfer molding ( RTM )

  • Resin infusion

  • Filament Winding ( FW )

  • Hot-melt prepregs

  • Solvent Prepregs

  • Out–of Autoclave

  • 3D Printing 

  • Vacuum infusion

  • Pultrusion process

  • Compression and transfer molding

Business Meeting
Complementary Suppliers

Our products require other complementary suppliers for ultimate application qualifications. We work closely with various  suppliers whether you are an epoxy, cyanate esters, PPO, silicone resins, thermoplastic or nanotechnology producer or low thermal coefficient filler or high-end carbon and glass fiber producer. We work closely with our suppliers in creating ideal balance of technology and service to deliver the most cost-efficient solutions for a wide variety of applications for our customers.

Technology licensing is a major part of our services. These services are provided with the goal of commercialization of new products that fit with Novoset LLC’s and our partners’ manufacturing strategy.

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