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The Company was established in 2011 as a marketing company specializing in high Performance thermoset resins.  Our  Technology Center  was opened in 2012 transforming the company as a Tier 3 “ System solution “ house and product design and development company for high end electronic , aerospace , automotive and Oil & Gas.  Today, Novoset is working closely  with various leading manufacturing partners and has developed materials for 5G technology for Internet of Thing (IOT) based M2M communications,  Artificial Intelligence (AI) ,disruptive manufacturing  such as 3D printing  materials and  light weight composite materials for aerospce and automotive applications .

We provide ready-to-use catalysts for Cyanate Esters, BMI  and epoxy Cyanate blends. Our resin  manufacturing partner is a world -leading chemical producer. Our primary chemistry is “ Value added “  Cyanate ester in combination with  other complementary chemistries and Cyclopentadiene-modified hydrocarbon resins. 

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